temporary failure

10 Jun

I had read countless blog posts all over the web that informed me the 365 challenge was a lot harder than it appeared, and I scoffed. I figured, how difficult would it be to take a quick little snap with my iPhone on a day to day basis? Well, it is. I missed a couple days and then exams loomed up on me and my days are pretty much taken up by sitting at a grey desk looking out at grey skies.

For this reason, I am only admitting temporary failure and resolve to resume the photo blog from day 20 or 21 perhaps, on June 28th.

Here are a couple random little snaps that can somewhat be added to the list unofficially…

this is significant as I was in my ENGLISH321 class: Theory and the Gothic


23,24,25 – may

26 May

#019: worst car colour ever

#020: velvet burger tuesday lunch

#021: cute coffee

20,21,22 – may

23 May

#016: new navy blue pea coat for winter

#017: library bar

#018: sunday night dinner

17,18,19 – may

20 May

#013: love for auckland

#014: assignment despair

#015: just a spot of jenga

14,15,16 – may

16 May

#010: failed attempt to spring clean

#011: a quick detour

#012: autumn appreciation


14 May

#007: losing at poker

#008: Abby

#009: juice at smith

08,09,10 – may

10 May

#004: mothers day

#005 assignment season

#006 velvet burger tuesdays

05,06,07 – may

7 May

#001 nap time

#002: absolut

#003: early morning condensation

here goes the basics

7 May

I have always wanted to do a 365 challenge. The idea of looking back over the course of a year in my life at the end of it to be reminded what particular image or frame stood out to me each day struck me as a great way to chronicle the little things in life that are often overlooked.

I’m not going to set a theme as I’d rather end up with a jumbled array, my mind simply isn’t organised to consistently find similar subjects for which to take a snap shot.

I’ve decided I’m going to do my 365 challenge with a modern twist. In order to keep up with the times, all of my photographs will strictly be taken with my iphone camera and effects will be applied through the use of apps such as Instagram, Hipstamatic and CameraBag etc. I do believe that technology has allowed for there to be room for significant creativty through camera phones and want to take advantage of this to produce small quirky captures of my life.

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still” – Dorothea Lange.

I will try to update every 3 days, but could sometimes have a slight bit of a longer time lapse

and here’s my lamb, because why not?